An ethics training program plan for a company

Do you trust and believe your employees? Do your employees trust and believe in you? Trust and transparency in conduct is ever more important in our information-heavy age, and ethics need to be clearly stated, flowing down form the highest executives. Every employee and client gets their cues from the highly visible executives and owners, and if they are seen to push the limits of ethical behavior, they will as well.

An ethics training program plan for a company

And fortunately, the benefits of building an ethics program largely outweigh the hurdles. Ethics programs should target specific behavior and should be reinforced by action.

Case studies and clear examples of ethical breaches should be well-defined, and employees should be prompted to describe how they would handle the situation. Make it a two-way conversation. Programs should include a process for asking questions and getting management to correct apparent weaknesses in procedures.

Employees must be assured of confidentiality during training sessions to allow open discussions about ethical concerns. The most effective programs are interactive so employees can learn firsthand how to make better ethical decisions, and they often include a roadmap of the steps to follow when facing an unethical situation.

Make it memorable and situational.

An ethics training program plan for a company

In some cases, an employee is required to repeat the training if they do not do well on the quiz. Whether through case studies or interactive presentations, participants should be provided with examples of good and bad ethical behavior along with an understanding of the impacts of such behaviors.

An ethics training program plan for a company

For example, I had an opportunity of working with MCI formally WorldCom as part of the internal controls team that was chartered to rebuild the company. Besides the usual ethics training programs and webinars, we wanted to implement an interactive training initiative so that employees had an opportunity to apply their understanding of ethics.

It included an ethics board game where participants had opportunities to react to case studies and define next steps. In a live training environment, training instructors should review and positively reinforce behaviors learned by participants through consistent messaging.

Training program participants should experience the commitments associated with ethical behavior. Ongoing ethical training programs are critical, because ethical dilemmas are dynamic.

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Ethical dilemmas can range from suspected employee fraud, to potential financial statement fraud, to management coercion, or even to possible collusion with suppliers. To ensure employees are comprehensively trained, some companies offer training on a quarterly basis and require proof of attendance.

Enforce the ethics hotline. When employees are armed with the proper tools and can clearly define a violation of the code of conduct, they are in a better position to use the hotline to report the real ethical dilemma. The cost and commitment required for a dynamic ethics training program certainly outweigh the risk of ongoing unethical behavior and potential fraud.CMA Code of Ethics.

The CMA Code of Ethics, (; most recent) first published in , is arguably the most important document produced by the has a long and distinguished history of providing ethical guidance to Canada’s physicians.

Focus areas include decision-making, consent, privacy, confidentiality, research and physician responsibilities. Online ethics and compliance training can effectively educate your workforce. Learn more about the NAVEX Global's engaging online ethics and compliance courses.

The Ethics Program Guide provides a fifteen point plan to developing or strengthening a company’s ethics program. Integrate ethics and compliance training materials into multiple delivery sources including new employee orientations, management courses, sales training, business meetings, business plans and other aspects of day-to-day.

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Whether you are looking to build a new Business Ethics training program, strengthen an existing program, or you’re up against an audit, Global Learning Systems’ solutions scale to your unique requirements.

Unique features include: Interactive course with built-in knowledge checks and final quiz.

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