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All applicants to departmental graduate programs at Stanford must take the GRE, including applicants who have previously attended graduate school.

Coursework stanford

Simplified Bioreactor Process Diagram.

Wind Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages

A household with a HWB would deposit organic waste into the reactor and then use the byproducts for heating, cooking, and fertilization. While the use of biogas produced from livestock manure is commonplace, I am interested Coursework stanford the feasibility of building a household reactor that instead utilizes human waste as its primary input.

This gas is typically called biogas and because it can be ignited, it may be used as a cooking and heating agent. Usage A human waste bioreactor HWB can be used in developing nations by families who do not have access to electricity nor livestock manure.

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In addition, the household-sized HWB can be built without industrial construction equipment and access to industrial materials. It could be employed in war torn areas where the electrical grid has been destroyed.

The HWB would be especially useful in refugee camps where there is no sanitary sewer, people are already exposed to waste-borne illnesses, and there is a high-density living environment without access to electricity. Human feces can carry parasites and diseases such as cholera and giardia.

In this report, I do not consider the pathology of creating a HWB. Anyone building a household-sized HWB should analyze its potential to spread disease. Diagram of a Potential Biogas Plant Direct contact with human waste could be avoided by having the latrine directly input into the digester.

The inlet and mixer are for supplementing the human waste with livestock manure or food scraps.

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Construction and Operation A household HWB could be a simple vessel dug into the ground with latrine and manure inputs and a solid-waste outlet. A secondary output of the HBW is a nutrient-rich fertilizer called the digestate. The walls could be concrete or clay brick. The HWB needs to be sealed to create anaerobic conditions, but must have a cover with a release valve to trap the biogas and allow for its release.

Human waste would enter the bioreactor near the bottom and continually feed the anaerobic digestion process.

Coursework stanford

The methane containing biogas would rise to the top of the container; the user would extract the gas as needed for cooking and heating.

The digested sludge or digestate would be removed and employed as fertilizer. Design How many people would have to contribute to a bioreactor to meet the energy demands of a modern household? In, US households consumed , Bbtu of electricity.Learn online and earn valuable credentials from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies like Google and IBM.

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The Graduate School of Education offers PhD, MA, MA/Teaching Credential, MA/MBA, MA/MPP, and MA/JD programs. The PhD and MA degrees are granted in more than twenty-five specializations and interdisciplinary programs.

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Stanford Introduction to Food and Health from Stanford University. Around the world, we find ourselves facing global epidemics of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and other predominantly diet-related diseases.

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Design of a Household Human Waste Bioreactor