Dangers of police work

In Nebraska, 81 people were killed in in alcohol related crashes. The men and women working throughout our state in the criminal justice arena are paving the way to a safer state and a future with No More Victims. For questions or more information regarding the event please contact the MADD Nebraska State Office at or by email at sara.

Dangers of police work

The Three Biggest Dangers to Foreigners in the Philippines Living in a foreign land can be a wondrous and liberating experience.

Traveling thousands of miles across the globe and tasting what life has to offer with all the five senses is truly one of the greatest natural highs there is.

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That danger — in some cases — can be magnified by a number of factors relative to the unique aspects of your particular destination. When it comes to the Philippines, the three biggest dangers that a visiting foreigner is going to face here are all exacerbated by some rather unique factors.

Motorcycles and Scooters This is the number one danger to any foreigner in the Philippines. Driving in the Philippines is different than what most foreigners are used to.

The bigger the vehicle is the more right of way it has. Passing on the inside, turning left from the right side of a traffic lane and a variety of other dangerous riding practices are all part of riding here, contributing to increased risks for foreigners on Philippine roads.

As a result, Filipinos riders — while generally more skilled than foreigners when it comes to ability — are generally less safe when riding, changing lanes without signals, riding on the wrong side of the road, not looking when merging into traffic and driving at high speeds on rough and dangerous roads.

In our opinion, you are more likely to encounter intoxicated drivers in Dangers of police work Philippines than you are in the West. Outside of major metropolitan areas, you will rarely — if ever — see sobriety checkpoints.

Knowing this, both Filipinos and foreigners alike are more likely to be on the road after imbibing alcohol. Drinking and driving is probably the number one cause of foreigner injuries and deaths non-natural causes in the Philippines. Compounding the danger of all the other things we just mentioned are the prevalence of things you will find running out into Philippine roads.

Askals semi-feral dogs are probably the number one thing that riders will crash into especially when chasing a bitch in heatbut chickens, carabao, monitor lizards, street vendors, merging pedicabs and kids playing in the street are also dangers that once always has to be mindful of.

Finally, keep in mind that a variety of other factors contribute to the dangers of riding in the Philippines. New arrivals are also unfamiliar with street layouts or where they are and a good amount of our attention is subsequently fixed on looking about trying not to get lost.

Yeah, they can do that. Muffler burn 2 Danger: Food and Water Someone had mentioned mosquitoes as being the second biggest danger to foreigners in the Philippines malaria and dengue but after some back and forth, we decided on food and water being the greater immediate danger.

The Philippines is a tropical nation, and as such is rife with all kinds of water and food-born pathogens just waiting to strike down a hapless foreigner. Whether they be protozoan, bacterial, viral, parasitic or algal infections, the end result is moderate to severe debilitation or even — in some cases — death.

TD is usually a result of bacterial or viral infection rarely protozoa and the diarrhea symptoms and weakness usually taper off after days leaving its victim feeling rather drained and listless.

Note that TD can sometimes be a result of Giardia or Cryptosporidium protozoa —a more serious infection that requires medical attention. This fun little malady is brought to you by Entamoeba histolytica and while prevalent in tropical developing nations, it was actually first diagnosed in St.

Dangers of police work

Rancid flatulence, chills and severe diarrhea sometimes bloody can result. This is one of the infections that you need to seek medical attention for as the resulting dehydration and electrolyte imbalance can be deadly.

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Hepatitis A and E — A viral infection that is passed through food or water contaminated by the fecal matter of someone infected with hepatitis. Attacks inflames the liver and manifests with a yellowing of the skin, eyes and urine jaundice.

Poor personal hygiene and sanitation measures increase the risk. Note that there is a vaccine for hepatitis A but not a vaccine for hepatitis E. Symptoms include fever, diarrhea, headaches, vomiting and jaundice. Like hepatitis, it attacks the liver, and if untreated can result in liver and kidney damage or meningitis.

Schistosomiasis — This parasitic infection is caused by the flatworm Schistosoma, a plucky little fellow that is carried by the big fresh water snails that you see all over the Philippines. Once the larva enter the human host, they mature and breed, releasing eggs that hatch throughout the body liver, intestines, kidneys and blood vessels.

A myriad of intestinal and urinary diseases can result, and some untreated cases can later manifest as bladder cancer. Cholera — Cholera is a stone-cold killer that is most commonly found in Africa and Southeast Asia.

A bacterial infection that is once again vectored by water or food contaminated by fecal matter, cholera commonly manifests with very loose diarrhea, vomiting and muscle cramping. The diarrhea can be so severe that it can result in life-threatening dehydration.

Seafood that is not adequately cooked is a common source. If treated, your chances of dying hover somewhere around 5 percent.Not only were the duties on a Nike Site filled with constant alerts, training, inspections, Radar Bomb Scoring, and other routine soldier duties like guard duty, K.P., painting and polishing, but there were inherent dangers, and I'll start the list.

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