Discuss the core actual and augmented product levels for the espn brand

Also, the positioning and promotion of the augmented product is crucial for its success. Increased perceived value from the added benefits allows companies to command higher or premium prices. Augmented Product Example When considering a computer purchase, consumers have a wealth of options. The augmented product with features that are more apparent and that communicate value to the consumer will likely have better success.

Discuss the core actual and augmented product levels for the espn brand

Feb One helpful way of thinking about a product as a marketer is to split the product into levels.

Discuss the core actual and augmented product levels for the espn brand

This product level model is presented in quite a few marketing textbooks, with the product models showing three, four or five product levels. The most common model in introductory marketing textbooks shows the product as having three levels or components — more advanced marketing textbooks are more likely to discuss the model with five product levels.

The core need or benefit The actual product The augmented product sometimes referred to as supporting or associated services Usually the product level model is presented in a circular fashion, as shown in the diagram, with the core need or benefits to consumers positioned at the center of the model as shown: The core need or benefit The first level at the center of the model is the core need or benefit that the product is trying to meet or deliver.

Because they are hungry have a need in the morning. Why does a consumer buy a magazine? Because they find them entertaining or it prevents boredom or fills time various benefits delivered to the consumer. Actual product The actual product is the second product level and is quite simple to understand.


The actual product is that the overall product design and the product features. If you were to describe a product in detail, then you would be describing its product features — which is the actual product.

When describing the cereal you would identify the following product features: Obviously there would be s of ways to design a breakfast cereal, but this would be the actual product design set of product features for a particular breakfast cereal offering.

A key goal of the marketer is to ensure that the product design needs the core need or required set of benefits for the consumer. This means that there should be a relationship between the first product level core need and the second product level a set of product features designed to meet that core need.

Therefore, the third level in the product level model is increasing the offering and set of benefits to the consumer. A good way to look at product augmentation is by using an example. Again we will go back to our breakfast cereal example. We could support add extra value and benefits through product augmentation the overall product offering of breakfast cereals by: Providing a free replacement of the cereal if it unsatisfactory Having recipe ideas on the packaging Having a QR code on the packaging with a link to a site or offer Having a code to access free online games Having a discount coupon for a future purchase Having interesting information on the packaging Donating a percentage of the sale to a charity What you should note in each of these examples of product augment that the actual product the cereal itself is NOT modified — the changes occur with the existing packaging, websites, sponsorships, and so on.

You should also note is that the augmented product features provide some additional benefits to consumers. These benefits should help to differentiate the product in the marketplace and win a greater share of the market.Search Results for '2 what is espn selling discuss this in terms of the core benefit actual product and augmented product levels of espn' Idontcare Company Case ESPN: The Evolution of an Entertainment Brand I the movie Anchorman character Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) auditions for a position on SportsCentre with.

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In order to actively explore the nature of a product further, let’s consider it as three different products – the CORE product, the ACTUAL product, and finally the AUGMENTED product.

This concept is known as the Three Levels of a Product. Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription.

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