Enterprise business process case study

Two full-time developers to backfill current developers who would support the project Impact on the Institution While we left many opportunities on the table at the end of the project more on that laterthe project was a major success for the college.

Enterprise business process case study

Reduced Accident Incident Rate. Energy conservation in the areas of power, air, and waste. Total company awareness and involvement in environmental, health and safety. Reduction of the overall environmental footprint of suppliers.

In the medical device industry, quality and advanced management methods are a must to ensure operational excellence on a highly competitive landscape. Among these assumptions were concerns that concurrently implementing an environmental management system and an occupational health and safety management system could be a long-term project lasting two years or more.

Enterprise business process case study

The management team saw a need to prepare the operation to absorb the efforts and activities required to bring the organization through the process without being overburdened.

Many were willing to take on the project, but it seemed difficult to locate a consultant with a methodology and an acceptable level of familiarity with concurrently facilitating both ISO and OHSAS implementation.

Enterprise Systems and Business Process Agility - A Case Study

During the screening and interviews of candidates, Pinnacle Enterprise Group founder Kirill Liberman was given the opportunity to present an approach for the project that no other consulting organization offered — implementation of both standards at the same time and the development of a single integrated Environmental, Health and Safety Management System EHS.

Traditional non-value-added volumes of text procedures are replaced with process maps that provide both a view of each process and demonstrate its relationship to other processes of the business.

The traditional documentation bureaucracy is replaced by a user-friendly visual interface that supports training, process analysis, and organic continual improvement.

There were really three factors that made the project successful. Second, in order to complete both implementations together in less than 7 months, Pinnacle worked with Hologic to take advantage of all the requirements of each standard which are similar, identical, or related to each other.

Common processes reduced both documents and bureaucracy.

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This enabled Hologic to fit a two system implementation, which everyone thought would take as many years, into an efficient 7-month program. After all the procedures were written and we [observed] the commonality between the two, we decided to get certified for both at the same time.

Instead of a project team and some key stakeholders attempting to push the project throughout the company, the entire organization became connected with implementing the program. This process broadened their entire scope of knowing the business. The results of the combined implementation and the entire program were significant focused business improvements.

While the initial concern was burdening the operation with unnecessary tasks, the project leadership admits that both during implementation and after the certification they realized added value and cost savings.

Enterprise business process case study

Some of the lowest hanging fruit in operational savings came from energy conservation. Hologic reduced power consumption almost immediately.

The cost to air condition the facility was also driven down. The company saw immediately measurable decreases in the amounts of waste being discharged by the plant. Integral cost reductions went deeper than simply labor and materials enabling Hologic to reduce overhead using the knowledge and information learned through the combined systems.Read our case study on business process mapping by providing enterprise telecom expense management.

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The strategic enterprise information model is formulated based on our in-depth case study and ERP consultant’s experience. Keywords: Enterprise resource planning, Business process, Information system, Inventory management, Case.

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