Hnc poverty essay

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Hnc poverty essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. We will also be looking at sociological theories and how they can relate to poverty.

This minimum level is usually called the poverty line. Cultural theorists suggest that poverty is caused by the individual and is considered by many as blaming the victim. A simple explanation of this would be that welfare system in the UK for example, allows poor people to stay in poverty.

Creating an underclass of people, dependant of welfare, which is passed on from generation to generation?

Hnc poverty essay

It suggests that the poor engage in self defeating actions and resign themselves to a life of poverty, making no attempt to better themselves, thus creating their own poverty. If we look at poverty and inequality causes from a structural theorists view, we begin to move away from the idea of blaming the victim and look more at the social structures Hnc poverty essay society as being the root cause of poverty.

It also suggests that wages and benefits are purposely kept low to ensure the elite members of society can hold economic power over the majority. These inequalities ensure that the poor stay poor forcing people onto benefits or into minimum wage jobs.

Capitalism benefits large, powerful institutions, creating inequalities of wealth in society.

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Marxists argue that poverty exists to serve the needs of a capitalist society. As long as there are poor, unemployed people, wages will stay low as this creates fear and job insecurities within society. People are less likely to complain about low wages when they know there is a reserve army of unemployed people willing to work for less.

The only way to solve poverty and inequality issues is to eradicate capitalism completely; the result of this would be an egalitarian society, meaning everyone is equal.

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In my placement I am able to witness first hand some of the ways in which poverty and inequality have affected my clients and their life chances.

As I work in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre all my clients have struggled for years with their addictions and most of them have experienced poverty and inequality. The most significant effect of poverty on this client group is lack of help and assistance available to them.

By campaigning for a number of years LEAP was formed as an NHS run unit and is accessible to everyone who meets their criteria regardless of wealth or status.

Not only has poverty affected the life chances of many of my clients in regards to getting clean and sober, it has also affected their housing options.

Many of my clients have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives and have been rehoused in deprived areas of the city. For a drug user being housed in a block of flats or hostel with other drug users makes it almost impossible to address their drug issues, so again we could argue that their life chances are being greatly disadvantaged due to poverty.

Hnc poverty essay

Many of my clients have resorted to crime to fund their habit, some petty shoplifting to others with more serious crimes such as robbery and mugging. If we look at the functionalist perspective we can relate this theory to my clients and placement.

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As poverty provides warning for the rest of society to conform and work harder. Not only does poverty create motivation it also provides a scapegoat for the non-poor members of society to judge and divide people into categories of more or less deserving. HNC in social care: More essays like this:What Is Poverty Reduction?

Abstract There is a healthy debate about how to achieve poverty reduction in developing countries, but not enough discussion of what we mean by “poverty reduction.” “Poverty reduction” is often used as a short-hand for promoting economic growth that will permanently lift as many people as possible over a poverty line.

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1 view hnc psychology for. In the following assignment I intend to write about a young person whom I work with and how Poverty, crime and discrimination has affected his behaviour and life chances. I will refer to the young Person as AB throughout this essay in order to protect his anonymity in line with the Data protection Act Principle 6: Processed in line with.

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Hnc Poverty Essay |In this report you will read about poverty and what is meant by poverty. Included will be an exploration of the differences between | |absolute and relative poverty.

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