How to write a war poems by children

Strange Meeting by Wilfred Owen Not the most flawless of Owen's poems, but the most visionary, this reaches back to the heroic epics of Homer and Virgil and forward to voice in its last lines a compassionate humanity in striking contrast to the last speech of Byrhtnoth, the doomed warrior in The Battle of Maldon. Aristocrats by Keith Douglas This fine elegy for fellow officers killed in the Battle of El Alamein again acknowledges both ancient and modern traditions of war poetry.

How to write a war poems by children

I hope that each word serves to remind us those who have lost their lives in the many wars throughout human history. The first war poem is intended to be a personal account of a fallen soldier. I can't imagine the helpless feelings and emotions that young soldiers have experienced when they knew they were minutes or even seconds away from their death.

The first two stanzas of the verse below are sad and depressing. With youth comes a sense of invincibility, but wars and bloodshed change that very quickly.

Especially when one witnesses his dear friends perish in front of him. Wish I had a bit more time, I'm in my twenties, I'm in my prime. But I only have a minute or two, My body is numb, my face is blue. I'm so sorry, I did my best, Life is leaving, through my red chest. It all happened so sudden and fast, Can't help but smile, as I look at the past.

Please don't morn, please don't cry, I'll look down, from the sky. The reality is, they are nothing short of heroes. They put their lives on the line constantly. The political reasons behind going to war may vary significantly, and may be either legitimate or not.

But we all know, the men and women who serve on the front lines always fight for a good cause and with their hearts. True Heroes When there is conflict, we depend, Trained and ready, oversees we send. They fight in the lonely desert of dirt, With confidence, not revealing their hurt.

Their lives are ordered and very strict, What happens next, they cannot predict. Courage of lions they all possess, Our gratitude we should always express.

Poems About War

True heroes to us, they shine like a star, Even though, they're so very far. These men and women truly amaze, We'll cherish them, till the end of days.

how to write a war poems by children

The job they do must be extremely difficult. They never know whether they will return home alive. In addition, they leave their family and loved ones behind for extended periods of time.

That must be very difficult emotionally not only to the soldiers themselves, but also all the children, wives, husbands, parents, friends, and other family members that miss them dearly, and await their safe return.

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Here's a poem about war that talks about some of the things that were mentioned earlier.Here's a few poems about war written for children that are meant to educate our young kids about war. I tried my best to make sure they are appropriate for young kids. However, please use your own discretion when sharing or reading them to your kids.

Children’s poems can be funny, inspirational, goofy and more. These are all types funny poems for kids or about kids and childhood. This poetry resource includes rhyming, classic, long, and short poems for children and many more fun categories. Poets are especially adept at describing the horrors and heroism of war.

Some poets have even fought on the battlefield alongside fallen comrades. Here is a collection of . A list of eight different war poems. I used these to give to my Year 5 children when they were looking at writing thier own piece of war poetry as examples of what things they could write about/5(6).

This poem brings to the fore a raging issue, i.e use of children in the war. Although it seems it is the work of the Africans, the root cause lies somewhere else.

List of War Poems

The war mongers, who want wars to continue for ever in some parts of the world or the other, to sell their war munitions and machinery, are the ones behind the inspiration (or /5(20).

Sep 06,  · Expert Reviewed. How to Write a Poem. Four Parts: Sample Poems Starting the Poem Writing the Poem Polishing the Poem Community Q&A Writing a poem is all about observing the world within or around you. A poem can be about anything, from love to loss to the rusty gate at the old farm%().

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