My school principal

If I were the principal of my school I would bring about many changes in the system of running the school. Most the ways, rules and regulations have become outdated and need changes.

My school principal

With that in mind, all principals should be prepared to spread the good news about their schools. And we asked our Principal Files" principals to do just that. What is the greatest thing about your school?

So often -- too often, as a matter of fact -- the media seems to focus on the negative news about our schools. School leaders are frequently put in the position of defending what their schools are doing.

To that end, one of Education Worlds Administrators Desk columnists, George Pawlas, suggests that every principal should carry in his or her wallet, pocket, or purse, a card that lists six great things about my school. Even better, Pawlas suggests that school administrators should commit their lists to memory.

With that list of six great things always in mind, when the talk turns negative or the questions turn difficult, a principal will have ready access to a list of great things about my school.

With those lists of great things about my school" in mind, Education World asked members of our Principal Files" principals team to share what the Number One item on the card in their wallets might say.

If there was one thing about their school that they most wanted the world -- and members of their community -- to know, what would that be? Great schools cannot exist without great groups of kids, and the diversity of those kids is what many principals say makes their schools so great.

Diversity is a given in a school whose location is so close to Washington, D. Seventy percent of Oakridges students are from countries other than the United States, and 90 percent were born outside Virginia. We have the most beautiful, interesting, interested, and talented children from all over the world," Haws told Education World.

They are truly here to learn, grow, and experience life in the Washington D. Every child and every teacher has the special privilege of meeting, talking to, learning with, and playing with children and families from places in the world most only see in an atlas or hear on the news.

We are an international school that lives and learns together in our own world of Oakridge like the rest of the world should live -- with joy, understanding, and delight in what each of us offers each other. The schools demographic is 59 percent Hispanic, 22 percent Black, 16 percent White, and smaller percentages of Asians and Eastern Europeans.

Our school is a perfect example of how different people can live together, work together, and learn together," said Mink. The Allen School community respects each other, supports each other, and helps each other to succeed.

According to Carol Robertson, a positive and nurturing climate is the greatest thing about her school, Lewis Vincent Elementary School in Denham, Louisiana.

Classrooms are bright, colorful, busy places where school desks are a thing of the past. Instead, classrooms are furnished with tables and chairs that provide children with a variety of opportunities to learn to work together as a team -- a community in which each has responsibilities.

Workshops" rather than lessons are conducted by teachers. Children are referred to as readers" or writers" or scientists" rather than students.

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At the end of the day, children celebrate by spending quality time reflecting with their teacher on what they have learned about a topic or what they have learned about themselves as readers or writers. Often classes of students loop together with their teacher from one grade to the next, continuing that sense of community that teachers work so hard to foster.

Teachers Teas have become a popular and welcomed after-school respite for staff members who seize the opportunity to get together to review books that have recently arrived in the media center. Parents and grandparents feel" our community environment and are comfortable visiting our school to have lunch with their child, volunteer in a classroom, or attend a special school event.

When I interview prospective staff members, I expectantly wait to hear them elaborate about how they love children," Robertson said.For Beverly Jarrett, principal at Far West High School in the Oakland (Calif.) Unified School District, that has meant an upward creep from 10 hours per day, five days a week when she started five years ago, to 12 to 14 hours per day and one Saturday a month.

The Principals’ Portal lets authorised school staff perform the following actions on the My School website: preview their school's full profile prior to its publication going live update their school. Jun 29,  · APPLICATION to my school principal; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The classroom teacher is the most visible person in your child’s life at school, but it is the principal who is responsible for providing a high- quality education for all students there.

Hello! My name is Valerie Johnson, and this is my third year as principal at Semmes Elementary School. I truly enjoy working with students, parents and teachers. I will always do my best to help students learn and achieve. Principal of my school essay german.

My school principal

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