Ohio state university thesis defense

This format check must be done in person at University Hall and cannot be accomplished electronically. The format review is required at or before the two-week notice of the final defense. The document will be reviewed for correct formatting and returned to the student while he or she waits. You must arrive at least 30 minutes before the office closes:

Ohio state university thesis defense

The surgery room and equipment must be thoroughly cleaned following cadaver surgery. Surgery Set Up and Clean Up Residents are expected to set up the operating microscope, television monitor and Ohio state university thesis defense machine prior to surgery and to put away all equipment at the conclusion of the surgery day.

Surgical Procedure Timeline First year: Residents are expected to become proficient in extraocular procedures such as entropion correction, eyelid tumor excision, enucleation and evisceration and intrascleral prosthesis.

The resident is expected to be familiar with the use of magnificaton using both surgical loupes and operating microscopes and to be able to set these up and use them appropriately. The resident is expected to be familiar with microsurgical instruments, their names, use and care. Residents are expected to become proficient in corneal surgery such as laceration repair, keratectomy, conjunctival graft placement.

Major blepharoplasty and orbital procedures should become familiar. Residents are expected to refine microsurgical skills particularly in intraocular surgery as listed under the second year. Medical Records Medical records should be completed in a timely fashion and should include the following: Chart diagnosis and signature Ophthalmic examination sheet completed and department copy filed Referral letter copy sent with a copy of ophthalmic exam sheet and bloodwork In-patients' SOAPs should be read at least once and comments made in the chart during the hospitalization of the pet to ensure that the patient is being properly cared for and that the student understands the diagnosis, treatment plan and prognosis.

Surgery reports should be reviewed, corrected and final copies approved, printed and filed within 24 hours of the surgery.

It is the responsibility of the primary clinician on the case to make sure that the surgery reports are complete. Follow up on laboratory tests and call owners and referring veterinarians with results.

It is acceptable for the student on the case to call owners with results. Telephone Consultations Residents are responsible for promptly attending to all potential emergency calls. After-hours Emergencies Residents should arrange a schedule for emergency coverage and the schedule must be approved by the faculty.

The resident on call must be reachable by pager or phone at all times. The resident on call should examine all cases referred for evaluation by an ophthalmologist and most current patients of ophthalmology that present with problems. The resident on call can use personal judgment after consultation with the emergency clinician on duty to determine if it is necessary to examine non-referred patients with ocular problems.

The resident on call is responsible for telephone consultation with the emergency clinician to assist in diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic cases.

The resident on call is responsible for locking up all equipment after finished with an emergency. The resident is responsible for entering charges on the computer for all emergency patients before the patient is discharged. Hospitalized Patients Residents are expected to complete at least a penlight examination on all hospitalized patients prior to attending morning rounds.

Depending on the ophthalmic condition, a more complete examination may be required. Residents are responsible for checking ICU orders to ensure accurate treatment of the patients. The resident or the student on the case should update owners on the condition of the patient each morning after evaluation.

Each surgery should be coded as follows:Looking for an Ohio University thesis or dissertation? See the page on How do I find Ohio University theses and dissertations?

For more general search tools, see below. There are two major search tools listed here–Proquest Digital Dissertations and the OhioLINK ETD Center–plus several other supplementary ones. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses A&I‎. Ohio University Welcome Banner Messaging.

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Ohio state university thesis defense

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The student must pass a final oral dissertation defense.


The committee for the oral exam will include the Dissertation Committee plus an external faculty member chosen by the Graduate School. The Graduate School requires a minimum of two weeks advance notice for scheduling a final oral exam. Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Agricultural Engineering Building Woody Hayes Drive, Columbus, OH Phone: He has begun his M.S.

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